Mick J Clark


Mick J Clark is a singer /songwriter who plays guitar and keyboards.  He sponsors the festive season here on Meridian Radio.

Earlier in his life his ambitions included becoming a vet and playing professional football for Brighton and Hove Albion.  All the time, however, he really wanted to be a pop start. So much so that he went without school dinners for three months to buy his first guitar a ‘ Futarama Two’  He joined bands, wrote songs and cut demos.

In order to pay the bills he became an electrician. In his spare time he was a DJ on Croydon University Hospital Radio.

Mick has written a book ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ which was nothing to do with Elvis. It was a humorous thriller which was turned into a screen play.

Mick now has 3 albums and a 4 track Christmas single on release and available on ITunes, Amazon and Spotify.

For more info on Mick J Clark Email  info@mickjclark.com