Alan King



On Air

Friday Evening  18.00 – 20.00
“Start Your Weekend with Alan King”

Alan King joined Meridian Prime Radio at about the time Noah launched the Ark!.
Like the proverbial bad penny Alan returned to Meridian Radio late in 2004. He was instrumental in the development of the computer system which provides the backbone of our service.
It really all started for Alan in 1977 when he joined the station. It was then that he shared Friday evenings with Mike Bartlett, from which a lifetime friendship and respect developed. In his time with Meridian Alan has acted as Fund raiser, organising a sponsored bike ride from Nottingham to London, assisting in an auction on BBC local radio and a marathon broadcast. His passion for music extends from big band to Rock n Roll and on to Easy Listening, the sixties, seventies – in fact almost anything with a beat or rhythm!
Alan has turned out for the Showbiz 11 football team and was a junior with Millwall. He also played for Canterbury City and Torquay United. He had trials with a few other clubs, Charlton included – but not for ‘his’ team SPURS.
Tune into Meridian Prime Radio on Friday evenings to hear Alan from 6pm for music “just the way you like it”.



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