Bob Lawrence

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On Air Saturday Night 22.00 – 00.00

The Album  Show

Born in Woolwich and educated (ish) in Charlton, Bob has spent all his adult life working around microphones. He started making radio shows at 13 and had his own show on hospital radio when he was 14. The hospital, St. Nicholas in Plumstead, is long gone but it gave him his start in a career in which he has been a Presenter, Producer, Copywriter, News Reader, Manager … he’s pretty much done the lot.

Every week he closes the studio door and plays songs from his personal collection of albums. It can be quite eclectic, don’t be too surprised if you hear Dusty Springfield followed by Led Zeppelin, or Leonard Cohen straight after Barry White. And you will almost certainly hear Steely Dan and America.

Bob Lawrence’s Album Collection is broadcast on Meridian Radio every Saturday night at 10 o’clock.






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