On Air Wednesday  16.00 – 18.002015 078

Radio has influenced Dominique from her early childhood years with fond memories listening to Radio 2 round to Tchaikovsky and ABBA on LP’s. Going to the Capital festival in Crystal Park.

Skipping forward a few years she kept her hand in with Radio and was lucky to work with Bam Bam on Kiss FM before heading to Drama School both in the UK and the USA. She’s believes Radio is the future for all entertainment being an enormous fan of Radio herself, and still enjoys listening to, music stations, Radio 4 Extra, Radio 4 and of course fellow presenters on Meridian Radio.

Thanks to Meridian Radio Dominique now enjoys presenting a weekly show every Friday evening 8pm-10pm. Adding in lively tunes the show delights in delivering different mixes of decades and genres from soul, country, dance, pop and more. Featuring decades from the 1920’s right up to to date. Dominique has a range of guests who willingly share their own musical passion over the airwaves. Always wanting to discover more, Dominique’s show is all about the pleasure of Radio and the enjoyment of the listeners both in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and folk from all over via the internet.



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